New Album Parachute Reborn

  1. Scene One (Phil May, Wally Waller)
  2. The Good Mr. Square (May, Waller)
  3. She Was Tall, She Was High (May, Waller)
  4. In the Square (May, Waller)
  5. The Letter (May, Waller)
  6. Rain (May, Waller)
  7. Miss Fay Regrets (May, Waller)
  8. Cries From the Midnight Circus (May, Waller)
  9. Grass (May, Waller)
  10. Sickle Clowns (May, Waller)
  11. She's a Lover (May, Waller)
  12. What's the Use (May, Waller)
  13. Parachute (Norman Smith, May)
  14. Here we go again (Povey) *New Track
  15. Think of me sometimes (Wally) *New Track


Two short extracts from the new forthcoming album
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