Pete is the journeyman of the outfit; after years of semi-pro gigging with local groups, the summer of '69 saw him make his professional debut with Eire Apparent before becoming a Pretty Thing for the first time. That initial stint with the group was seven or eight years of regular touring and recording, with three of the albums actually released as Pretty Things records, where Pete wrote most of the music for the first, and played most of the guitars on the others. Then came Metropolis (with fellow ex-Pretty Things: Jack Green, Gordon Edwards and our Skip), a brief flirtation with the Edgar Broughton Band, and back with Jack again for his first two solo albums and some North American touring. Reuniting with the Pretty Things (a decade after first joining) for another album and some live work was thought to be the last chapter in that part of the book


I first joined the group in the breathing space between the recording and releasing of the original version. During that break, there was talk about whether we should go back into the studio and have me play on it, but that would have been too disruptive (expensive), so it wasn't to be. To be honest, I wasn't disappointed; it was a fine album as it was and, to my mind, Vic had played some fine, understated guitar on it - particularly the title track - so it didn't need me on it. But, that was then...

Pete Tolson 2010

The Pretty Things