Wally Waller, Pete Tolson, Skip AlanHis musical journey started playing with 60's rock band Bern Elliott and the Fenmen, who had a top ten hit with the Beatles track 'Money'. Also in the band was  Jon Povey.  Coincidentally, Wally lived opposite Phil May in Erith, Kent and had been childhood friends since the age of four years old, which was the connection that led to the involvement of Wally and Jon joining the Pretty Things.

When the late Brian Pembleton left the band, and John Stax moved to Australia, they were the obvious natural choice. Wally, at that time changed from guitar to bass and Jon from drums to keyboard. Their first album 'Emotions'  with the new line up is best forgotton.  But the vocal harmonies of Phil, Jon and Wally together established the sound of the Pretty Things' in the future i.e. S.F. Sorrow, Parachute, Freeway Madness and others.  After the cult success of concept album S.F. Sorrow, hailed by many as the first rock opera and acknowledged by Pete Townsend.

Wally & Skip at the studio in SpainWally, while living together with Phil May in Westbourne Terrace, London worked and wrote the next album 'Parachute', later to be voted album of the year by Rolling Stone Magazine. Norman Smith was the Pretty Things producer on S.F. Sorrow, Parachute, Silk Torpedo and Savage Eye and was previously sound engineer on the Beatles albums up to Rubber Soul. It was while working on S.F. Sorrow and Parachute that Wally established a working relationship with Norman and later led to Wally becoming a staff producer at EMI Records and worked and played on Norman's worldwide hits 'Don't Let it Die' and 'Oh Babe'under Norman's recording name of Hurricane Smith. The Pretty Things were signed to EMI Records at this time, so it was Wally the band wanted to produce their next album Freeway Madness.
Cross Talk - The Pretty Things